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A cruise that over delivered, choose this company

We traveled on the reef prince, this trip over delivered in every area. Due to the tides the staff and crew continually adapted to give the best possible experience. A small boat allowed us to enter areas , river systems we otherwise couldn’t have accessed. Exquisite gorges the big boats simply can’t get to. The guide Paul was extremely knowledgeable and an amazing photographer. The fishing guide Al was fun, knowledgeable and patient. Saw so much wildlife the food was amazing. Loved the Aboriginal rock art. Excellent bird life, fresh water holes to swim, we could all for nothing more.


wrote a review Sept 2023

Adventure, fun and heart-breaking natural beautyExcellent

This trip was a long time coming for me. I originally booked in 2020 but then something big came along (oh yes, Covid). It was worth the wait however.
The Reef Prince catamaran is a ‘Goldilocks’ expedition boat, i.e. it is the right size for pleasant social interactions with other guests yet small enough to navigate the Kimberley’s rivers, inlets and gorges.
The meals were a delight, adding an unexpected dimension of fine dining to the voyage. Gigi is an ingenious and inventive chef, who created Michelin standard meals every day, 5 times a day.
The crew were charming, capable and kind. Paul, the cruise director, is a star of the industry – knowledgeable, humorous and patient. His extraordinary capacity (shared by all the crew members) to engage in ‘adaptive management’ around tides, other boats, and the creation of experiences that resonate with each guest’s interests is astonishing.
Where small hiccoughs in service occurred (the incident of the Earl Grey teabags looms large in the lore of women aboard our cruise), creative solutions were found to ensure high standards of service were maintained.
Travelling with Kimberley Expeditions is a ‘must-do’ experience for anyone planning a visit to WA.

Helen J

wrote a review Sept 2023

Awe inspiring

Stop looking now! #kimberley expeditions provide a service that cannot be paralleled. We were recommended this company by friends and it exceeded all expectations. With only 23 guests, great cabin sizes and various areas to relax it was the perfect size boat.
The flexibility of the activities to match guests’ interests, the size of the catamaran allowed access to many sites that larger vessels cannot reach, the vast knowledge of the Kimberley shared by Tour Director Paul and the magnificent food produced by GG and team were amazing. In fact all the crew were amazing and went out of their way to make this trip so memorable. All this on top of the wonders

Therese C

wrote a review Sept 2023


Without a doubt this is the most spectacular cruise you can do. The Reef Prince is not large, but plenty big enough to do the trip with ease. Being small, the whole trip is way more personal with the friendliest crew, and allows you to get into lots of spots that the bigger boats can’t. The knowledge of Paul (the tour leader), is incredible. You go on tender trips at least twice a day to see and learn about the geology, go for walks to freshwater falls, see amazing rock art, fish and so much more.

When you board, after settling in, Paul will ask questions about what the majority of people are interested in, and fine tune the trip accordingly (within reason). The cabins are good, plenty of space throughout the boat, and lots of decks outside to walk around and check out the scenery. The food is excellent and the drink prices are quite reasonable.

The scenery is breathtaking, and this is the only way you can see the Kimberley which is a most unique part of Australia. Also, Paul is a professional photographer, and you can get a usb disc of the best of his photos (including drone shots) for a reasonable price, I recommend doing that.

Don’t think about it too much, this is the BEST way to cruise the Kimberley.

Andy H

wrote a review May 2023

Living The Dream on the Reef Prince

This was a trip of a lifetime. The Reef Prince is a well appointed twin hulled boat that was ver comfortable and offered numerous viewing areas. The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful and went out of their way to make this a fantastic experience for all. The food was first class; fine dining for every meal. The adventures that we experienced when getting out in the tenders both on the water and land based were magnificent. The fact that the Reef Prince was able to sale into areas that other big boats couldn’t was a real bonus. I can highly recommend this trip to anyone who wants to combine luxury and adventure in the same holiday.

Graham A

wrote a review Aug 2023

Wow, Wow, Wow!!

Our cruise thru the Kimberleys on the MV REEF PRINCE from Broome to Darwin was very special and was an overload of “scenery, history, fun and geology” – and that was a good thing. The itinerary satisfied our active lifestyle and the big catch of fish on one of the expeditions was superb. A number of things always make for a good trip and MV REEF PRINCE delivered on more than we imagined. Great roomy vessell; small number of 25 passengers to tackle the coffee machine and line up for the food; roomy on the tenders and did not take long to load or unload; the food was delicious and kept on coming from breakfast, snacks, lunch, cheeseboard and dinner; the staff were super friendly, helpful and fantastic at what they do; Trip Director Paul’s passion for the Kimberleys, photography and his job were out of this world – not sure what he was one, but I want it!!; after dinner, a review of the day and the next day to come was great; a terrific mob to travel with ranging from 53 to 84 years and all enjoyed laughing at each other and themselves and mixed amongst the group. So with all of that, I wish I could go back for more.. If wanting to do this cruise, just do it with MV REEF PRINCE, as you won’t regret it.

Janey Z

wrote a review Aug 2023

Memorable Kimberley experience

We have just enjoyed the most awesome adventure aboard Reef Prince from Broome to Darwin. The weather was perfect apart from the final windy day. Even then the amazing crew adjusted the schedule to make the travel more comfortable.
From start to finish we enjoyed great camaraderie, fabulous food prepared by GG our French Chef, memorable tender excursions conducted by capable, professional and affable crew, and wonderful attention from the lovely stewardesses.
We visited many sites that the others don’t go to.
Our great Cruise Director Paul dazzled us with his knowledge of the local history, art and geology. Note: pay attention so you can do well in the final day quiz!

Bob H

wrote a review July 2023

Gobsmacking adventure

We were on Reef Prince for the Broome to Darwin 11 day cruise. The whole experience was sensational and far better than we could have ever hoped for. We saw and experienced close up the wonders of the Kimberley that can not be seen from land.
The ship is one of the smaller vessels operating this route, with only 32 passengers and 11 crew. The crew are just fantastic and they all pitched in to make sure that we had a great holiday. It would not be fair to name one or two crew as being outstanding; they all were. We always felt safe on board and any time we went out on the tenders or an activity.
Every cabin is ensuite; we were in cabin 2 and it was perfect. A comfortable double bed and a great view. We only really used our cabin for sleeping. There are plenty of lounge chairs on the main deck inside, plus other lounges on the top and front outside decks to take in the stunning views. Many nights we relaxed on one of the decks with a drink and watched stunning sunsets.
The food was impossible to fault. Breakfast and lunch are buffet self serve with a great selection, while the evening dinner is served to you. One night the chef prepared the fish we caught that day; yummy!
This is promoted as an “adventure cruise” and I would agree with that description. Every day there is an activity to do if you wanted it. They have 3 tenders that take all the guests to view rock art, swim in waterfalls, fishing, spotting wildlife, through the Horizontal Falls, view Montgomery Reef close up, or get drenched under the waterfalls. Just great fun and excitement. Some days we set off at 6.30am and back for breakfast!
Or if you just want to rest on the top deck and do nothing that is OK. But I would suggest that if your idea of a Kimberley Cruise is to sit on a sun lounge all day and admire the view from your cabin with private deck, then don’t come on this cruise; go with one of the 200 passenger large ships.
One of the advantages of a small ship is the ability to get up close to the cliffs and waterfalls that the large ships cannot manage. One night we anchored right near the waterfall at King George Gorge while the other ships had to stay in the ocean. And another benefit is the Captain is not locked in to a fixed itinerary and in conjunction with the Tour Director will amend the days activities to fit in with the tide.
Our group of 32 guests all had great fun and after 11 days we have made some great friends. A wonderful experience and another item ticked off our bucket list. I highly recommend Reef Prince for a trip of a lifetime.

Tony W

wrote a review Jul 2023


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