Join us for an amazing 12 day Kimberley Cruise from Darwin to Broome!

An adventure of a lifetime Kimberley Cruise from Darwin. Join us aboard Reef Prince to experience the best the Kimberley has to offer.  Our Kimberley Cruise from Darwin to Broome includes:

  • King George River and the incredible King George Falls.
  • Koolama Bay numerous bays and beaches to explore. WW2 History
  • Glycosmis Bay large curtain waterfall and The Lost City rock art site
  • Woku Woku Island large Boab groves and rich in Macassan history
  • Vansittart Bay numerous indigenous art sites including Jar Island and Rocky Cove, WW2 DC-3 aircraft crash and fabulous fishing
  • Swifts Bay three Aboriginal art sites with scores of detailed panels
  • Prudhoe Island petroglyphs, amazing views, crystal coves, reef fishing and turtles in season
  • York Sound sea caves, stunning beaches, incredible rock formations and Rainforest Ravine
  • Hunter River & Porossis Creek scenic overload and a wildlife haven
  • Careening Bay the site of the famous Mermaid Boab Tree
  • Prince Regent River including the beautiful King Cascades & Cathedral Falls. Swim above the cascades
  • Rothsay Waters scenic palm valley and rock art
  • Hanover Bay beaches, scenery, birds and indigenous rock art
  • Kuri Bay & Camden Harbour rich pearling history and the Kimberley’s first settlement.
  • Sampson Inlet & Deception Bay fishing, scenic opportunities, Aboriginal rock art and whales in season.
  • Red Cone Creek and the wonderful Ruby Falls & Sapphire Falls. Swim above the falls
  • Raft Point rich with indigenous history, towering rock formations and rocky islands to explore
  • Montgomery Reef featuring the marine life of Turtle Gully
  • Talbot Bay ancient uplifted geology, mangrove creeks and the spectacular Horizontal Water Falls
  • Crocodile Creek swim in a beautiful waterhole above a waterfall.
  • Silica Beach the finest sand beach nestled within the 800 islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago
  • Countless perfect beaches, inlets and Kimberley coastal scenery


Reef Prince is a custom-built 38m-expedition vessel, ideally suited for a Kimberley Cruise from Darwin. The advanced catamaran design ensures very quiet operation, spacious interior with phenomenal stability. Perfect for sneaking into secluded shallow bays, she draws only 1.8 meters and is powered by two quiet Mercedes diesel engines.

Most attractions are at their best during April – September, waterfalls are flowing, gorges are full, flora and fauna are at their abundant best. Ideal conditions apply for walking, exploring and experiencing one of the worlds most remote and tranquil destinations.


Our crew are experienced guides and will share with you their knowledge of the Kimberley and guide you safely on all excursions.

The dining area can seat all passengers comfortably for meals or presentations.
Outside on the upper deck all guests can be seated under shade for alfresco meals and presentations.

Reef Prince has three other comfortable outdoor viewing decks.

The front deck at the Bow has a shade sail covering the entire area and is a very popular place to enjoy the scenery when transiting.

On board is a laundry with full washing facilities to help make your packing lighter along with irons available and hairdryers in every ensuite.

Reef Prince allows for comfort for all guests with a choice of accommodation types to suit all budgets.

Our Kimberley Cruise from Darwin to Broome is very popular so be sure to book early!

2024 bookings now open!


6th April to 17th April 2024

2nd May to 13th May 2024

29th May to 9th June 2024

25th June to 6th July 2024

22nd July to 2nd August 2024

20th August to 31st August 2024

16th September to 27th September 2024

14th October to 25th October 2024


STATE CLASS – $17,495 PP
(Port Side Cabins 15 & 17) (Starboard 16 & 18)

CLASS 1 – $15,995 PP
(Port Side Cabins 9 & 10) (Starboard 11 & 12)

CLASS 2 – $15,595 PP
(Port Side Cabins 2 & 4) (Starboard 6 & 8)

CLASS 3 – $14,595 PP
(Internal Cabins 1, 3, 5, 7)

CLASS 4 – $13.595 PP
(Internal Cabins 13 & 14)

Based on Twin Share – SOLO Travellers Welcome
(Cruise Fare + 20% SOLO Sup)


See the Sights!

  • Breathtaking Scenery
  • Kimberley Cruise departing Broome
  • Swim in freshwater swimming holes above waterfalls
  • Fast Boat ride through the Horizontal waterfalls
  • Optional scenic Helicopter flights (subject to availability)
  • Photograph the amazing Kimberley scenery
  • Fresh fish sizzling in the galley and much more!
  • Explore the rugged landscapes of northwestern Australia and the traditional cultures
  • Spectacular wildlife from saltwater crocodiles, dolphins, dozens of species of birds, migrating humpback whales (in season) and many different reptiles.


Most excursions are via our three expedition tenders.

The main excursion tender is the Regent which is a purpose built 7m Alloy tender designed for Kimberley Expeditions in 2019. It has twin 140hp outboard motors and seats 13 guests and two crew in forward facing padded seats with back rests. It is perfectly suited for extended sightseeing, shore transfers and speeding through the Horizontal Falls.

Additionally there are 2 x 6m alloy tenders with 140hp outboard motors that seat up to 10 guests each. These are multi-purpose tenders and can be used for sightseeing, excursions, shore transfers, fishing and crabbing.

All three tenders are used at almost every location ensuring every guest onboard can be accommodated all at once. It also allows for diversity by giving guests a choice of activities such sightseeing, hiking or fishing.


In Darwin a bus will pick you up from your accommodation. The Cruise Director will be onboard the bus to greet you and assist in departure. Hotel pick-ups usually start at 8am of the morning of departure and conclude at 9am. Departure of the vessel is usually around 10am from Fishermans Wharf.


In Broome disembarking is usually around 9-10am but is subject to change depending on tides, weather and other activities at the commercial wharf. Because of this, we recommend you don’t fly until the following day to avoid missing flights and avoid fatigue. Please ensure we have all your accommodation details prior to departure as hotel transfers by bus are included. As it is a commercial wharf, there are entry restrictions and friends or family are not permitted onto the wharf to pick you up.


If you require more information or wish to make a reservation please either booking online or send a quick inquiry, we also have a free call number for further information 1300 874 707

To confirm your reservation we require a 20% non refundable deposit to secure your booking, a signed booking form and final payment is due 60 days prior to your cruise.

We accept cheques; cash, Master and Visa Card or you can direct debit the deposit into our account.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard Reef Prince.

ITINERARY – Darwin to Broome

Day 1: We welcome you aboard the MV REEF PRINCE in Darwin

Your Kimberley cruise begins today from the beautiful capital of the NT, the city of Darwin. We will arrange a charter bus to pick you up between 8am & 9am and transport you to board the vessel at the Fisherman’s Wharf. Our crew will welcome you aboard and after a crew introduction we will depart. On our way out of the harbour there will be a safety briefing, morning tea and a vessel induction. After lunch your trip director will also have discussion with you about the trip’s itinerary.
For the afternoon and overnight we’ll cruise across the Joseph Boneparte Gulf and into the Kimberley.

Photo of Koolama Bay

Day 2: The Berkeley River

We have breakfast while still crossing the last few miles of the Boneparte Gulf. It’s a higher tide only access over the bar at the Berkeley River and then into the 10-mile long river system. We transit the full length in the Reef Prince marveling at the narrow sweeping bends with the high sandstone walls on both sides. It’s breathtaking! Once at the end there are so many options with scenic tours: the Malcolm Douglas Pools, a visit to the Amphitheatre and the Berkeley Eye. We generally cruise back down in the tenders to explore the smaller side tributaries whilst the Reef Prince heads back to the half way point where we meet again for lunch. After lunch we can explore the Casuarina Creek area, Casuarina Falls and even go for a fish. Generally, we stay in the river system overnight and with its millpond flat conditions and a sunset overlooking Mount Casuarina, it can be a sensational evening onboard the MV Reef Prince with sunset drinks and a cheeseboard on the top deck followed by a special evening meal.

Regent tender under King George falls - Kimberley Expeditions

Day 3: The mighty King George River, Pangali Gove and Glycosmis Bay

In the very early hours of the morning, the captain will depart from the Berkeley River and transit up along the coastline to Koolama Bay, arriving around breakfast time.
If we are waiting for the high tide to cross into the King George River, we can do a walk and explore of Cape Rouliare, Tranquil Bay, Pangali Cove or a combination there of.
Then we will cross the shallow sand bar into the mighty King George River system.
The advantage of the Reef Prince’s shallow draft and jet engines is that we are able to cross the bar into the river system and transit the entire way to the twin falls – a treat that many of the other cruise boats are not able to do. Feel the spray mist produced from billions of litres of water falling almost a hundred meters as Reef Prince is steered expertly to the base of the majestic falls.
We then enter the tenders and go back into the falls and down the river which enables us to get right up to the falls, into the smaller side tributaries and stop to admire the wildlife both above and below the water. There is also a third waterfall in a smaller offshoot called the Fountain of Youth that is accessible at high tide and usually has a couple of crocs floating around.
Other options in the area include the Glycosmis Bay waterfalls (early in the season).

Image WWII aircraft crash site

Day 4: Vansittart Bay

By the time you wake up, we’ll have rounded Cape Londonderry overnight (the northernmost tip of WA) and will be anchored in Vansittart Bay.
The bay is a popular area filled with many things to do. The fishing is superb, particularly for spanish mackerel which cruise around the edges of the many pearl leases in the area.
We will take you on an easy walk across a mud/salt flat to witness the site of a crashed WW2 DC-3 airplane. Well preserved in the Kimberley bush, your guide will recall the fateful day in early 1942.
It is only a short cruise across the bay to Rocky Cove, where can go ashore to a rock art site that has some fabulous examples of mysterious Bradshaw (Gwion Gwion) Paintings and a special cave full of the more modern Wandjina rock art. The Bradshaw rock art is thought to be some of the world’s oldest indigenous art, dating back over 20,000 years. The cove is home to many large resident tawny nurse sharks.
With time and tide/weather permitting in the late afternoon, we might stop for a walk at Woku Woku Island. This area has a massive Boab Tree on the mainland and a large Boab Grove on the opposite shore. The area is rich in Macassan history as it was a popular area for Macassan fisherman to harvest and process Sea Cucumbers. The remains of many hearths can be still seen today.
Other alternate options in the area include Jar Island with its 2 art sites & rocky headlands, the Anjo Peninsula and the Drysdale River.

Image Bigge islands Aboriginal Art

Day 5: Swifts Bay and Prudhoe Island

Once again, when you wake up it will be in a different location.
For the morning we explore a series of art sites in Swifts Bay. The entire bay is filled with many art sites and we visit 2-3 over a 3-hour tour which gives a very good cross-section of the types of rock art in the area, particularly the older Gwion Gwion (Bradshaw) art and the more recent Wandjina art.
During lunch we transit 2 hours out off the coast to a continental island called Prudhoe Island.
The island has a multitude of things to do with some of the highlights being a walk to the peak at Petroglyph Point and marvel at the ancient stone engraved petroglyphs.
Around the corner is a beach that is full of turtle tracks and turtle nests during the laying season.
Inside the bay is a wonderful beach that is great for a walk and a shallow swim and further around into the bay is a crystal creek that is filled with large clumps of quartz crystals. This site is super popular with the ladies.
The area is a fantastic spot for reef fishing with species like snapper, coral trout, emperors and sweetlips.
At around 5pm and after a jam-packed day, we steam south to the areas around Prince Frederick Harbour.


Boab Tree

Day 6: The Andadan Island, The Hunter River and Porossis Creek

We wake up at the Andadan Islands where we can explore the area for the morning. This is a new site for the Reef Prince crew and has been 4 years in the process of detailed mapping and exploring of the area. We have finally put together a 5-mile one-way scenic tender tour that incorporates the best of the region. Highlights include amazing rock formations, multiple sea caves to explore, many options for beach and sand spit swims, small and detailed waterways to explore, large overhangs, rock art and even a crystal island! The 3+ hour tour was a favourite with the guests during the 2023 season. In the afternoon we explore the famous Porossis Creek and Hunter River systems. This ecosystem is a favourite for bird watchers. We have a chance to spot a Great Billed Heron, or a Chestnut Rail. There are Kingfishers galore! On the turn of the tide fishermen can try their luck on a multitude of species that are regularly caught in the Hunter River. The area is visually stunning with its jagged mountain ranges and high rocky escarpments. It’s also popular with our crew as a sunset drinks cruise location. Sharks and crocodiles are in abundance too. Other alternate options in the area are numerous and include Dolphin Island with its swim beach and Wandjina art site, Naturalist Beach and surrounding waterways, the Roe River and the famous Careening Bay with its historical Mermaid boab tree.

Day 6: Optional Helicopter Flight to the Mitchell Plateau.

There may also be an option to do a 25 minute (each way) helicopter flight from Naturalist Beach (which is at the mouth of the Hunter River and only 15 minutes steam from Porossis Creek). This flight with Helispirit Tours takes in the Hunter River, the Mitchell River, the Mitchell Plateau and finally the Mitchell Falls before landing and enjoying 90 minutes at the plateau (with Reef Prince’s Cruise Director) to walk to the falls before returning via helicopter, passing another set of falls and Porossis Creek before returning to Naturalist Beach. Expressions of interest can be made at the time of your booking and the Kimberley Expeditions team will contact you again 60 days prior to departure to confirm availability for those guests that are interested. There are minimum numbers required and the price depends on the number of guests flying on the day. The price for the 2023 season was $750 per person and may rise for the 2024 season.

Day 7: St. Georges Basin and the Prince Regent River.

We take a sunrise tour to view the morning rays shining onto the Islands within the St. Georges Basin.
Famed explorer Phillip Parker King exclaimed that the area boasted “The most impressive scenery anywhere along the WA coastline.”
Then it’s out onto the foredeck as we cruise through the scenic St Georges Basin and past the iconic flat-topped mesas of Mt. Trafalgar and Mt. Waterloo.
Mid-morning we cross into mighty Prince Regent River system. Whilst there is so much to do and see in this river system, the highlight is the amazing Kings Cascades Waterfalls. For the adventurous, there is a walk to the top of the falls and a fabulous swimming area at the top fringed with blue gums and pandanus. On the other side of the swimming hole is a multi-layered rocky area offset with mini waterfalls (some of which you can sit under or behind) and smaller splash pools to enjoy a dip. Kings Cascades is one of the tour highlights and a favourite amongst the guests. As the river system must be transited during the high tide, this day’s itinerary often varies in time and order.
Within the Prince Regent River system are scenic locations such as Camp Creek, Cathedral Falls (the highest in the region at 50m high), 2 rock art sites and fabulous bottom fishing for species like fingermark, golden snapper and mangrove jack.
Other alternate options in the area include Hanover Bay with its beautiful scenery, many beaches, brolga rock art & bower bird nests and Rothsay Waters with its amazing fishing locations, Valley of the Palms and rock art sites.

Image Ruby Falls

Day 8: Sampson Inlet, The Slate Islands and Deception Bay.

We wake up in the tranquil Sampson Inlet. This area was one of the Kimberley’s first pearling leases.
After a healthy breakfast we explore the inlet and search for the local short-eared rock wallabies along the steep and rocky foreshores. The oysters in the area are superb and fishing can also be fun with mackerel and long-tail tuna often found in the mouth of the inlet.
We then head out to rocky islands of Bumpas Island (a bird rookery) and the Slate Islands which have some incredible rock formations (including the gravity defying Colosseum). The area has multiple beaches suitable for a swim and an explore.
For the fisherman, the area is popular for trolling for pelagic and reef species.
Deception Bay is only a 1-hour transit and is a favourite excursion of the Reef Prince crew. It is a 3-hour tour which involves a scenic tour of the 3-mile long creek system in the corner of the bay. This area is diverse with lots of varied flora and fauna, mangroves to high sided gorges (and everything in between) and finally, Butterfly Gorge.
Butterfly Gorge is within a small creek system with a rock bar at the end. It involves a stunning 300m rocky walk to a very secluded freshwater swimming hole that has a ledge filled with indigenous rock art beside it.

Image Montgomery Reef

Day 9: Raft Point, Montgomery Reef and Ruby Falls – 3 Bucket lists!

Day 9 is an early start and up at dawn to watch the colours of the Kimberley come alive with sunrise over the iconic Raft Point. Then after breakfast it’s into the tenders for the first of 3 excursions for the day with a 75-minute tour of Bird Rock, Steep Island and Raft Point. These areas are bird rookeries and are culturally significant areas to the local indigenous people.
Then we head off to see Montgomery Reef ‘rise’ out of the ocean as the tide ebbs. Jump in the tenders for an extended reef cruise to study the marine life of Turtle Gully before transiting for miles up into the Montgomery Reef system. Many of our guests describe this as their most memorable moment onboard.
We then transit for 2 hours back past Raft Point and into Doubtful Bay to the incredible Red Cone Creek and Ruby Falls. This 2.5-hour excursion involves a tender tour to the end of the creek system to view the picturesque keyhole and Ruby Falls followed by a rope-assisted climb up the side of the rock face and a 300m rocky walk into the freshwater swimming hole. It is long and thin with a rock race at the end which is fun to wallow in and view the local wildlife and fauna.
With a low tide required for Montgomery Reef and a high tide for Ruby Falls the itinerary may be reversed.
Other alternate options in the area include the Kingfisher Islands, the 3-Ways (for excellent fishing and crabbing) or the scenic Sale River.

Horizontal Falls, WA

Day 10: Talbot Bay, the Horizontal Falls and Yampi Sound – more bucket lists!

Wake up opposite the iconic Horizontal Falls!
After breakfast your cruise director will give you a geology talk on the area, then we go and experience the awesome power of the Horizontal Falls. Your attention will be taken by the incredible geology that abounds this area. David Attenborough called it the 8th wonder of the natural world!
The adventurous can cling on to the rails of our tender “Regent” during the fast boat ride through the falls.
Nearby cyclone creek is a fantastic scenic tour in the tenders that showcases the best of the geological formations in the region. The S-bend within the creek system is another tidal pinch phenomenon similar to the horizontal falls.
As we depart, most guests stay outside and take in the amazing vista as we transit out of Talbot Bay.
We have lunch on the way and after lunch we transit through the gutter and past the Koolan Island mine site and into Yampi Sound.
In afternoon we can visit Croc Creek where we take the tenders up to a waterfall system and hike to the top of the waterfalls and swim in a crystal clear freshwater pool. Retiles and birds are also found in the area.
For sunset and the evening we head to Myridi Cove where we can have a sunset drinks followed by a very special alfresco dining experience.
Weather permitting we leave around midnight for a 9 hour transit to the Lacepede Islands.

Day 11: The Lacepede Islands.

We arrive at the Lacepede Islands after breakfast. Then its into the tenders to explore the 4 islands in the region. The area is rich in history and is an A-class nature reserve. It is the most important breeding ground in WA for the Green Turtles.
The area is a very important sea bird nesting/breeding area with 1% of the world’s total population of Roseate Terns and Brown Boobies (which is possibly the largest colony of them in the world). Other bird species on the islands include Masked Boobies, Pelicans, Frigatebirds, Egrets, Gulls, Crested and Bridled Terns, Noddies, Oystercatchers. Wading birds include Tattlers, Knots, Sand Plovers and Ruddy Turnstones.
The inner lagoon area is wonderful to explore on a higher tide and is a wildlife spotters paradise. The shallow lagoon hosts not only turtles but large amounts of small sharks, rays and many schools of fish.
The edges are fantastic for a swim and explore.
During mating season, thousands of Green Turtles line the sandy islands long outer beaches and the shallow water just off the beach. It’s scenic overload watching them swim, mate and hauled out on the beaches.
We stay until midnight enjoying our last dinner before travelling the last 70 mile down the coast the Broome.
Please note the Lacepede Islands are very exposed with no protected anchorages.
It can be visited with the best weather conditions only of small seas and low winds.
With inclement weather, other options are to stay overnight in Myridi Cove on Day 10 and explore other areas around Yampi Sound like Nares Point, Silver Gull Creek and the famous Silica Beach before leaving at 2pm and steaming overnight to Broome.

Day 12: Arriving in Broome

This morning we head past Cable Beach and Gantheaume Point before transiting into Roebuck Bay and trying up alongside the large commercial wharf. Farewell your fellow travelers and swap details. Sadly, it’s the end of your Kimberley Cruise from Darwin. We disembark Broome at around 10am and say goodbye to the crew. Guests will be transferred by bus to their hotel of choice in the Broome district.

Please note:

This itinerary is subject to change. The Captain and Tour Director will customize your cruise depending on weather, tidal conditions and your feedback from the tour itinerary talk with your Tour Director on the first day.

We promote an active cruise and to undertake some of the shore based excursions you will need to have a moderate level of fitness. You are however, quite welcome to enjoy the views from the vessel without going ashore. It’s your cruise so you can do as little or as much as you would like.


When packing for your Kimberley cruise we recommend that all passengers pack lightly. Laundry facilities are available on-board free of charge. You do have room to store suitcases either under your beds or in the cupboards provided in each cabin.

The Pilbara will enjoy plenty of sunny days and pleasant starry nights during our cruise season.

You can find a comprehensive guide of what to bring on your cruise HERE


Included in your cruise fare are:

  • Accommodations as booked on board
  • Cruise transportation to your Hotel in Broome
  • Cruise transportation to Central Business District Hotels in Darwin only
  • All meals on board
  • Boat ride through the Horizontal Waterfalls,
  • Facilities, port & handling charges,
  • Excursions and tender transfers.
  • Govt. Fees & Taxes.


Fares do not include items of a personal nature, including but not limited to:

  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Traditional Landowners Visitor Passes are an additional extra & will be invoiced 30-days prior to departure.
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Shopping on board
  • Bar expenses
  • Trransfers from Hotels in Darwin outside of the CBD and airport
  • Optional shore experiences – heli flights and adventure high speed boat rides
  • Medical treatment
  • Telephone and internet charges.

Are you ready for an amazing, 11 day adventure?


Kimberley Expeditions can offer you a Kimberley expedition cruise of a lifetime!

Join us aboard MV Reef Prince in our air conditioned, catamaran with a choice of en-suited cabins. Our vessel Reef Prince is designed specifically for the Northern Australian and Kimberley coast!


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PO BOX 4006
Mataranka, NT, 0852


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