We understand that finding the best Kimberley cruise for you is very important.  You want your Kimberley cruise to be a trip of a lifetime – something you will want to remember and not something you want to forget!  So to find the best Kimberley cruise for you there are a number of things you need to consider.  There are plenty of options out there, but which one is right for you? To help you find your perfect Kimberley expedition cruise we’ve put together a check list of things you need to think about before you book your Kimberley adventure…

  1. Cost: There are a range of Kimberley Cruise Operators catering to different markets which vary in price.  Obviously, your budget will have an impact on which cruise you choose.  It is fair to say that a Kimberley Cruise is not a cheap holiday, but it should offer you value for money.  This should be your holiday of a lifetime and worth every cent.
  2. Extras:Consider what you get for the price and check for extras such as add on tours, accommodation upgrades and meals.  Once these are added on, the cruise may not look such great value for money after all.
  3. Duration:  The Kimberley is a vast place and there is much to see. You don’t want to rush things, so make sure your Kimberley cruise offers you enough time to explore as well as relax and take in the beauty.
  4. Departure and Destination Port: Kimberley cruises leave from a variety of ports, Broome is the most common departure port. Some cruises will depart and return to Broome, which might mean you cover the same area twice.  Others will see you taking a small plane flight or bus charter to a remote beach in the middle of nowhere – maybe not the best way to start or end your Kimberley expedition cruise.  It is perhaps better to start your cruise at one end of the Kimberley coast and end at the other – that way you see more and don’t miss anything.  Kimberley Expeditions cruises onboard Reef Prince travel the length of the Kimberley coast departing Broome and disembarking Darwin or the other way around.  Both ports are international class, have excellent flight connections and a wide selection of accommodation.
  5. Accommodation:  Getting a good night’s sleep on a cruise is important, the days are packed full of activities, so you don’t want to be feeling tired. First and most important is your bed! Don’t be afraid to ask when the mattress was last replaced. Each operator will offer a range of cabins which will vary in size.  Having an ensuite bathroom is a must for many people, but not all cabins with some Kimberley Cruise operators have ensuites.  Every cabin onboard Reef Prince has ensuite facilities.  Another important consideration is whether you want a window or not.  If you do then you might want to ask which side of the boat will offer the best view – to ensure you get the cabin with the best view you will have to book early!
  6. Kimberley Cruise Operators: Kimberley cruises have grown in popularity over the last 10 years, which has resulted in a number of new operators.  While anyone can buy a boat and start steaming up and down the coast, the Kimberley is a unique, coastal wilderness.  With the largest tidal flows in the southern hemisphere of over 10m and the waters around the Kimberley can be a challenge for any skipper.  To be sure your skipper is experienced and knows the waters it might be best to cruise with a well-established, local operator such as Kimberley Expeditions.
  7. Size of boat: Kimberley cruise vessels are all different and carry different numbers of passengers.  Most of the Kimberley cruise operators offer a ‘boutique’ style cruise with under 20 cabins. MV Reef Prince has 18 cabins. The benefits of these smaller boats are that you get more opportunity to talk and learn from the crew and there is more opportunity to get involved. These smaller boats are also better suited to the Kimberley Coast, allowing you access to the best waterfalls and creeks.  You might want to ask what the ratio of staff to passenger is, just to be sure you are going to be well looked after.

Reviews and Recommendations: There is nothing better than hearing from people who have been on the tours.  If you are not lucky enough to bump into someone who has been on a Kimberley expedition cruise then you’ll have to jump online to get some feedback.  Facebook pages such as https://www.facebook.com/kimberleyexpeditions will often have reviews and Google reviews are becoming increasingly popular.  However, still the best place for travel reviews, is TripAdvisor.  Here you will get a real feel for what people think about an operator https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g255102-d12461224-Reviews-Kimberley_Expeditions-Broome_Kimberley_Region_Western_Australia.html

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