Kimberley Whale Watching Cruise $5,500 per person

Day 1

8 am pick-up for your transfer to board the vessel MV Reef Prince – Onboard you meet our Tour guide and local Whale experts Richard and Annabelle and our crew who will take you through the events of the next 10 days. You will receive an interpretive and knowledgeable account of local Whale activity and migratory patterns while recording vital data. Cruise up the Dampier Peninsula past James Price Point, observing & recording our first Humpback Whales, and keep an eye out for the newly discovered Dwarf Spinner Dolphins and Bottlenose dolphins. If the weather is favourable we may be able to anchor and spend the night at the Lacepede Islands. Here we’ll discover the European history and spectacular breeding sea bird colonies.

Day 2

Depart the Lacepedes after an early morning walk in this remarkable seabird nesting ground, and Western Australia’s most important nesting site for Green Turtles. You may see Brown boobies, Lesser Frigate birds, Pelicans, various Terns and Common Noddies.

We’ll then cruise further north past Cape Leveque into the Buccaneer Archipelago, named by Phillip Parker King in honour of William Dampier, a Buccaneer for the king in the late 1700’s. Surrounded by hundreds of beautiful islands. We’ll stop at the top end of Hidden Island on a beautiful silica beach for a squeaky walk in the sands. Some might like to climb the escarpment for an unforgettable view over the islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago. Adventurous ones must bring decent foot wear (and a camera). Cruise into Yampi Sound past Koolan Island and its iron ore mine, then into Talbot Bay, home of the Horizontal Waterfalls.

Day 3

If the tides are favourable we’ll explore Turtle Reef, named for the thousands of turtles found on this massive reef system, then explore the power of the tides and the intriguing geology of Cyclone Creek as we cruise though Talbot bay. Whales are rarely sighting in Talbot Bay, however you may see some of the Kimberley’s elusive Snubfin dolphins. Previously known as Irrawaddies, Australian Snubfins were recognised as a separate species in 2005.

No trip to the Kimberley is complete without experiencing the Horizontal falls, a spectacular set of pinch rapids. In the afternoon enjoy a freshwater swim in beautiful Dugong Bay, one of the jewels of the Kimberley coast. Watch out for Merten’s Water Monitor and jewel coloured dragonflies around these freshwater waterholes.

Day 4

An early steam out past the Traverse Island group, where we’ll explore a hidden, watery grotto and some unusual rock formations, then into the heart of whale country in Collier Bay. We’ll enjoy plenty of whale activity today as we cruise to Montgomery Reef and witness this marvel of the Kimberley’s appear as the huge tides recede and the Reef is exposed. We’ll hop into our tenders and explore Turtle Gully looking for sharks, rays, dugongs and turtles. Tonight we’ll anchor in Red Cone Creek, one of the largest mangrove systems in the world. Exploring the mangroves at dusk we’ll look for birds such as the Mangrove Golden Whistler, Mangrove Kingfisher and nesting Brahminy Kites.

Day 5

We’ll steam further into Doubtful Bay and up to the Sale River, lined with impressive sandstone cliffs, where you’ll enjoy an afternoon swim in a shady freshwater pool. Look out for flowering Grevilleas, the Kimberley Rose and Turkey Bush as you descend.

Day 6

Up just before dawn this morning for a climb up Hall Point in Camden Sound, where, if you’re lucky, you’ll have an elevated view of whales swimming right past in the Kimberley’s newest marine park. We’ll cruise around Camden Sound, going ashore for a beach walk and enjoy a refreshing swim at Butterfly Gorge, followed by a cruise around the beautiful Wailgwin Islands and a look at the marine life in the Wailgwin Lagoon before anchoring for the night at Wilson Point.

Day 7

Cruise up through Camden Sound past Rice Rocks, where we’ll try our hand at fishing, then up to Augustus Island, one of the largest islands on the Kimberley coast, where we’ll enjoy a lovely, freshwater swim before exploring a vast, sandy reef.

Day 8

A relaxing day cruising to Adele Island, through the Kimberley’s outer shoals and reefs, one of the most important Humpback whale calving areas.

As we near Adele you’ll see flock after flock of seabirds returning to roost on the island. Arriving in the late afternoon, we’ll have drinks and nibbles on a remote shell strewn sandspit.

Day 9

Ashore before high tide to explore a rare jewel, Adele Island, named by French explorer Nicolas Baudin in 1803. A horseshoe shaped low, sandy island, Adele is another important bird nesting site, home to Masked boobies (Sula dactylatra) and other birds, and surrounded by a vast reef system. Depart Adele Island in the evening for a final steam south through the night.

Day 10

A morning cruise down the coast observing & recording whales whilst enjoying the contrasting colours of our northern coastal beaches. Returning back to Broome by mid afternoon, where we say a fond farewell to new friends. Our transfer bus will pick us up from Cable Beach at Gantheaume Point and transfer you to your hotel of choice.