Diving & Snorkeling

Aboard the MV Reef Prince, Kimberley Expeditions also offers dive sites up and down the Western Australian Coast. We operate seasonally at the Abrolhos Islands during the optimum times of February to April and Denham/Shark bay, Exmouth to Monte Bello Islands and the at the Rowley Shoals. Our cruises are designed to make the most of the best times to visit each location to make the most of the dive and snorkel activities.

Visit us aboard the and encounter the magnificent array of coral types on the numerous reef dive sites we can take you to explore.

Snorkellors certainly aren’t forgotten.

Beautiful Bar-cheeked Coral Trout – plectropomus maculatus

Nearly all our dive sites above are can be equally enjoyed by snorkel as the coral atolls are such that they rise to the surface making safe snorkeling a pleasure.

Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos is an escape from everyday life – just you and nature. Surrounded by the richness of nature, and simplicity of living, the experience at the Abrolhos is unique and limitless. Our expeditions aim to include the features of the Abrolhos islands.

  • Interpretivie tours of the Abrolhos Islands and the historic Batavia
  • Bird Watching of rare species
  • Beach combing the coral attols
  • Diving and snorkelling on the abundant sheltered reefs
  • Windsurfing and Surfing
  • Fishing

Reef Prince’s Eco cruises to the Abrolhos Islands are from two day weekends to 5 days in duration. You may choose to fly out and join us for a day or for a week! The choice is yours. Scenic flights to the Abrolhos Islands are available daily from Geraldton.

Denham/Shark Bay

Shark Bay World Heritage Area is one of the most important natural treasures on Earth. In 1991 it was ranked alongside places such as the Galápagos Islands, the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as a site of global environmental significance.
Shark Bay has species, scenery and situations that are either unusual or unique on the planet. On our four day expedition we depart from Denham and head out to visit the pristine Turtle Bay

Monte Bello Islands

Departing from Exmouth Marina. Monte Bello Island cruises are 8 days in duration. The Magnificent Monte Bello Islands are amongst the best in the world. Teams of brilliant reef fish. Crystal clear tropical waters. Our locations are protected from currents and swells. Close encounters with inquisitive dolphins and hungry Samson Fish. All manner of unusual marine life. Every time you slide into these beautiful warm waters you’ll find something new awaits.

Rowley Shoals

Departing from beautiful Broome the Rowley Shoals is a opportunity to experience a diverse array of diving environments including lagoons, canyons, sheer vertical walls, high speed drifts, night dives and snorkelling. You can experience swimming pool like conditions 300 km’s from the nearest land, and an uninterrupted night sky filled with an unimaginable amount of glittering stars. Cruises are 7 day 8 nights, in and out of Broome during the Months of September to December.

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