Your 8 day Arnhem Land Coastal cruise awaits

Walk through the footsteps of time, alongside members of an ancient culture. As you cross the Arafura Sea, step into the timeless wonder and magnificence of one of Australia’s secret treasures, Arnhem Land. Explore the Arnhem Land coastline on this new 2019 Expedition.

Join us as we explore the vast and unspoiled wilderness that is Arnhem Land, rich in Aboriginal culture, offering some of the most unique indigenous cultural experiences, rock art and some of the best fishing in the world.  Marvel at the towering rocky escarpments, breathtaking gorges, stunning rivers full of fish of many kinds and majestic waterfalls.

Spectacular scenery, long white sandy beaches and clear blue waters make Arnhem Land a truly magical destination.

The Aboriginal people of East Arnhem Land are called the Yolngu and live a unique lifestyle that blends western technologies with their timeless traditions.

This area is also one of the best fishing destinations in the world.  Enjoy a fishing expedition or cruise inland on a tidal estuary in search of the famous barramundi.

Wildlife is abundant throughout Arnhem Land, including many saltwater crocodiles. It provides an important conservation habitat for dugongs, nesting turtles and migratory birds.

A true wilderness area in the northern edge of Australia, Kimberley Expeditions will escort you from Darwin in our luxurious 38M catamaran Reef Prince to explore:




Reef Prince is a custom-built 38m-expedition vessel. The advanced catamaran design ensures very quiet operation, spacious interior with phenomenal stability. Perfect for sneaking into secluded shallow bays she draws only 1.8 meters and is powered by two quiet Mercedes diesel engines.


Most attractions are at their best during April – November, waterfalls are flowing, gorges are full, flora and fauna are at their abundant best. Ideal conditions apply for walking, exploring and experiencing one of the worlds most remote and tranquil destinations.


Our crew are experienced guides and will share with you their knowledge of the Kimberley and guide you safely on all excursions.

Whilst we’re enjoying the very best our Pristene North coast has to offer our Chef will be preparing his favorite dishes to compliment todays experiences.  He will use local fresh foods to craft a culinary delight.

The dining area can seat all passengers comfortably for meals or presentations. Outside on the upper deck all guests can be seated under shade for alfresco meals and presentations, Reef Prince has three other comfortable outdoor viewing decks. We have available on board the vessel washing facilities to help make your packing lighter, dryer, iron and hairdryers.

Reef Prince carries a compliment of navigational equipment, radios, satellite communications, data facilities and a full DVD entertainment system.

Reef Prince allows for comfort for all guests with a choice of accommodation types to suit all budgets.

Our 2019 Arnhem Land Coast Expedition is very popular so be sure to book early!

2019 bookings now open!


3rd April 2019 to 10th April 2019
12th April 2019 to 19th April 2019
15th May 2019 to 22nd May 2019
17th June 2019 to 24th June 2019
13th August 2019 to 20th August 2019
15th September 2019 to 22nd September 2019


(Port Side Cabins 15 & 17) (Starboard 16 & 18)

CLASS 1 – $8,375 PP
(Port Side Cabins 9 & 10) (Starboard 11 & 12)

CLASS 2 – $7,985 PP
(Port Side Cabins 2 & 4) (Starboard 6 & 8)

CLASS 3 – $7,595 PP
(Internal Cabins 1, 3, 5 & 7) 

CLASS 4 – $7,195 PP
(Internal Cabins 13 & 14)


Most excursions are via our tender vessel “Regent”. Regent is a 10 metre passenger tender that can take the guests ashore or on expedition at the same time. With safe easy access, commentary, comfortable seating, toilet, shade plus a open area for enjoying the waterfalls.  Regent is a fantastic asset to our expedition. We also have two other small vessels for those who would like to enjoy fishing, mud crabbing and exploring.


Disembarking is around xxx in Darwin. Please ensure we have all your accommodation details prior to departure.


Transfers to and from the vessel are included. Please ensure you arrange accommodation in  Darwin CBD to have the transfers included. Pick up to depart Darwin will be at around xxx on the morning of your departure.


If you require more information or wish to make a reservation please either booking online or send a quick inquiry, we also have a free call number for further information 1300 874 707

To confirm your reservation we require a 20% non refundable deposit to secure your booking, a signed booking form and final payment is due 60 days prior to your cruise.

We accept cheques; cash, Master and Visa Card or you can direct debit the deposit into our account. We look forward to welcoming you aboard Reef Prince.

ITINERARY – Arnhem Land

Day 1: Depart Darwin aboard MV REEF PRINCE

Our charter bus will greet you at your accommodation and arrange for your transportation to Reef Prince.  Once aboard the vessel your friendly crew will settle you into your new home for the next 7 nights.

Today we depart the capital of the Northern Territory - Darwin and Head North to Historic Port Essington on the Cobourg Peninsula.



Day 2: Black Point Cultural Centre then cruise to Goulburn Islands

The centre offers travellers a unique insight into the rich history of the Cobourg Peninsula. Aboriginal people, Macassan traders and European pioneers have all made their mark on this land in varying ways. The displays include traditional Aboriginal bush tucker, history and artefacts, evidence of Macassan trading and a history on the Victoria Settlement.

A display on some recent history shows how an Indonesian fisherman was blown across from the Indonesian islands in his canoe, which is now showcased at the museum.

Day 3: Explore and fish South Goulburn.    

The Goulburn Islands are a group of small islands in the Arafura Sea.  The largest islands are the North and South Goulburn Islands where the climate is slightly cooler than in Darwin. The Maung Aboriginal people are the traditional owners of the Goulburn Islands.

Approximately 300 people live in the Goulburn Islands. The majority of the population reside on South Goulburn Island, in the community of Warruwi and surrounding outstations.

Regarded as Australia's first export industry, the communities along the Arnhem Land coast have a long history of trading trepang - dating back to the 1600s and trade with the Macassans of South Sulawesi.

Departing South Goulburn this evening we will cruise through the night to Elcho Island.

Day 4: Elcho Island just of the Gorabi Cliffs.

Galiwin'ku, located near the island's southern tip, is the main community on the island. It is the largest and most remote Aboriginal community in northeast Arnhem Land, the second largest Aboriginal community (in terms of concentrated population) in the Northern Territory.  The people of Galiwin'ku, approximately 2,000 residents, retain their traditions and culture. These are passed to future generations by adherence to strict traditional methods and education, including a means to help them embrace the wider Australian community.

The community’s artists produce a wide range of traditional craft and fine artworks, utilising materials collected from surrounding bushland and beaches, continuing a tradition of many thousands of years.

Types of works produced include Morning Star poles, bone coffin (hollow log) or Dupan, bark paintings, yidaki (didjeridu), woven pandanus baskets, carvings and shell jewellery. Their fibre art is certainly worth a look, with grasses and fibres dyed and woven together to form baskets, dilly bags, mats, fishing nets and jewellery. Elcho Island artworks are strongly coloured with intense and intricate designs and in mid-2006 a selection of works was exhibited in Paris as part of an Arnhem Land exhibition.

Day 5: Gugari Rip (or Hole In The Wall)

Gugari Rip or ‘Hole in the Wall’ as it is more commonly known is a notorious narrow passage in the Wessel Islands that explorers have snuck through for hundreds of years. It is well charted and provides some unique scenery.  Our Experienced Master will navigate through the “hole” on a slack tide.

The Wessel Islands in the Arafura Sea lie in a straight line stretching from Arnhem Land. The Wessel Islands constituted the homelands of the Yolgnu people. The island group is dominated by rugged sandstone plateaus and hills that contrast sharply with the adjacent mainland. Most of the islands have beautiful areas of native vegetation, including grasslands, eucalypt woodlands, with smaller areas of paperback forest and mangroves.  Many of the islands have caves decorated with Aboriginal art. Rock art pictures of sailing vessels and unusual men.

Today the islands provide an important refuge for local threatened species, such as the Golden Bandicoot and the relocated populations of the Northern Quoll. The beaches support the nesting activity of four species of marine turtles.

Day 6: Crocodile Island.

A day enjoying wildlife and nature. Early Morning we head ashore and discover the beaches and turtle nesting areas of Crocodile Island.

Witness the exposure of a reef wonderland as the tide recedes. Our comfortable tenders will help us meet the locals. Green turtles, sharks, Feeding Herons, scores of travelling waders and Reef Fish inhabit the area.

This evening we cruise to the shelter of Port Essington's failed settlement   




Day 7: Explore the Failed Settlement of Port Essington.

In the early 19th century, the British government became interested in establishing a settlement on Australia's northern coastline to facilitate trade with Asia. As a result, a settlement, officially named Victoria Settlement after the young Queen Victoria, but popularly known as Port Essington, was surveyed in 1838, consisting of 24 houses and a hospital.

The settlement lacked resources and supplies and skilled labour. Disease was also rampant among the small population, and living conditions were poor. Consequently, it struggled to attract settlers, and the post was much-disliked by the troops stationed there.

The town was destroyed by a cyclone in 1839 but was rebuilt.  However the town's luck did not change and in 1849, Port Essington was abandoned.

The ruins of Port Essington still exist today.  With permission from the traditional owners we will go ashore and discover the remains of one of Australia's earliest settlements.   


Day 8: Cruise to Darwin and awake in the spiritual Tiwi Island - Apsley Straight 

Dream Time, before living memory, when Tiwi spirit ancestors created the land and sea in the form we know today; put the first people on the earth and gave them their land, law and language. Tiwi people ("we, the only people") created by spirit ancestors.

Approx 15,000 years go rising sea levels at the end of the last Ice Age cut off Bathurst and Melville Islands from mainland, and created Aspley and Dundas Straits. In relative isolation distinctive Tiwi culture evolved.

Today we depart Bathurst and Melville islands and make out way to Darwin.

Arriving around 10 am we have organised a special tour of the historic sites of Multicultural Darwin for you.  On the completion of the historic tour you’ll be dropped at your choice of accommodation


Please note: This itinerary is subject to change. The skipper will customize your cruise depending on weather and tidal conditions. To undertake some of the shore based excursions you will need to have a moderate level of fitness. You are however, quite welcome to enjoy the views from the vessel without going ashore. It’s your cruise so you can do as little or as much as you would like.


When packing for your Kimberley cruise we recommend that all passengers pack lightly. Laundry facilities are available on-board free of charge. You do have room to store suitcases either under your beds or in the cupboards provided in each cabin.

The Kimberley is a semi-tropical region experiencing warm, balmy days with minimal rainfall and cool, starry nights during our cruise season.

Toiletries and Medications

We do require you to bring your own private toiletries which include:

  • Personal toiletries/hygiene items (we provide hair-dryers)
  • Prescription medication
  • Vitamins
  • Motion sickness preventative
  • Chapstick
  • Sun protection (sunscreen is provided on-board)
  • Insect repellent (Repellent spray is provided on-board)

We advise guests to pack four to five changes of casual clothing which are comfortable. There is no dress code for dining as a rule, generally “Kimberley casual” attire for evenings is recommended.

Light-weight and quick-dry clothing for excursions is recommended. This includes a few pairs of shorts, T-shirts, a long-sleeved shirt and pair of light-weight pants that offer protection against the sun.
  • T-shirts/Blouses – Short-sleeved, quick-drying and sun protected
  • Long-sleeved Shirts – Quick drying, sun-protected and breathable (Can be purchased on-board)
  • Jumper/Jacket- Suitable for cooler nights
  • Shorts – Loose, quick-drying and comfortable
  • Pants – Long, light-weight and comfortable.
  • Sleep wear, undergarments and socks
  • Bathing suits for swimmers

  • Enclosed walking shoes (sneakers or similar with good ankle support for bush walking) .
  • Shoes/Sandals (for on board and scenic excursions)

We also recommend you bring another pair of shoes that you do not mind getting wet as we regularly have wet landings

  • Reef shoes or equivalent with good ankle support – a pair of redundant joggers are a cheaper option .


  • Sports towel (quick drying and light weight)
  • Sarong
  • Wide-brim hat (available for purchase on-board)
  • Polarised sunglasses


Included in your cruise fare are:

  • Accommodations as booked on board
  • Cruise transportation to Central Business District Hotels in Darwin only
  • All meals on board
  • Boat ride through the Horizontal Waterfalls,
  • Facilities, port & handling charges,
  • Excursions and tender transfers.
  • Govt. Fees & Taxes.


Fares do not include items of a personal nature, including but not limited to:

  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Shopping on board
  • Bar expenses
  • Transfers from hotels in Darwin outside of the CBD and airport
  • Optional shore experiences – heli flights and adventure high speed boat rides
  • Medical treatment
  • Telephone and internet charges.

NOTE: The traditional owners of the Kimberley and Arnhem Land and their representatives are proposing the introduction of a ‘Visitor’s Pass/Permit/Fee’ for all guests accessing traditional lands when cruising the Kimberley and Arnhem Land coast.  If a visitor pass of this nature is introduced prior to the commencement of the cruise/expedition, then in that event the Visitor Pass fee will be added to the cost of the cruise.

Arnhem Land 8 day adventure -are you ready?


Kimberley Expeditions can offer you a Kimberley expedition cruise of a lifetime!

Join us aboard MV Reef Prince in our air conditioned, catamaran with a choice of en-suited cabins. Our vessel Reef Prince is designed specifically for the Northern Australian and Kimberley coast!



1300 874 707

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PO BOX 4006
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