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Our Rowley Shoals cruises take you to the ultimate diving and snorkelling destination. Warm water, incredible visibility and life in all shapes and sizes to wet your appetite. A Rowley Shoals cruise with Kimberley Expeditions is an opportunity to experience a diverse array of snorkelling and diving environments including lagoons, canyons, sheer vertical walls, high speed drifts, caves and night dives.  

The Rowley Shoals are a chain of coral atolls on the edge of one of the widest continental shelves in the world. The Rowley Shoals three pear-shaped atolls have shallow lagoons inhabited by corals and abundant marine life. Each atoll covers an area of around 80 to 90 square kilometres. The three shoals are strikingly similar in dimension, shape, orientation and distance apart. The Shoals rise with nearly vertical side from very deep water. Mermaid Reef, the most northerly, rises from about 440 metres, Clerke from 390 metres and Imperieuse from about 230 metres. You can experience the swimming pool like conditions 300km from the nearest land, isolation with no other boats insight and gaze at the uninterrupted night sky filled with an endless glittering stars.

The coral atolls of the Rowley Shoals are famed for their almost untouched coral gardens, giant clams and other shellfish. Giant potato cod and maori wrasse wait to be hand fed and follow divers around, while colourful reef fish show little fear, and trevally, mackerel and tuna hover in schools.


Reef Prince is a 38m custom-built, fully air conditioned,large stable catamaran. The advanced catamaran design ensures very quiet operation, spacious interior with phenomenal stability. Perfect for sneaking into secluded shallow bays she draws only 1.8 meters and is powered by two quiet Mercedes diesel engines.

We cater for all guests with cabin options ranging from deluxe en-suited doubles to well priced twin share single bunk beds. A choice to suit your budget.

Most attractions are at their best during April – November, waterfalls are flowing, gorges are full, flora and fauna are at their abundant best. Ideal conditions apply for walking, exploring and experiencing one of the worlds most remote and tranquil destinations.

Our crew are experienced guides and will share with you their knowledge of the Kimberley and guide you safely on all excursions.

Reef Prince’s offers you numerous areas to relax. Under the sun on your choice of open air decks or under cover on the alfresco deck or inside within her lounge, coffee shop, reading rooms, library, movie room, or office. The choice is yours. Her spacious open dining room provides bar facilities and a place to relax and take in the spectacular passing scenery. The lounge area is an excellent place to catch up on some reading while enjoying a fresh cappuccino or make a selection from our choices of teas, chais or hot chocolate.

Reef Prince carries a compliment of the latest navigational equipment, radios, satellite communications, data facilities and a full DVD entertainment system. Full digital and audio visual presentation equipment for corporate functions and a library of informative and fictional books.

Our 2019 Rowley Shoals Cruise is very popular so be sure to book early!

2021 bookings now open!



29th September to 5th October 2021

7th October to 13th October 2021

15th October to 21st October 2021

24th October to 30th October 2021


Cabin Configuration
– All with Ensuites
$3,875 PP

Cabin Allocation – First in Best Dressed

Based on Twin Share – SOLO Travellers Welcome
(Cruise Fare + 20% SOLO Sup)

Your safety is our biggest responsibility.

To ensure the only physical defect you take home is an uncontrollable grin, your captain will provide a detailed briefing on first arrival and set a few simple guidelines in place.

In the unlikely event of an accident or illness we have an emergency evacuation plan for the Rowleys. Please be aware that we will be many hours from a decompression chamber. The Rowleys are not the place for your deepest ever dive. All scuba divers must carry a safety sausage. We carry limited emergency oxygen on board.



Some of the locations we visit include:

  • Rowley Shoals
  • Clerke Reef
  • The Aquarium
  • Parrot’s Edge
  • Coral Gardens
  • Jimmy Goes to China
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Clerke Lagoon
  • The Superman
  • Clerke Wall
  • Labyrinth
  • Mermaid Atoll
  • Northern Wall
  • Cod Hole
  • Broome


MV Reef Prince carries several smaller expedition tenders which allow guests to choose from a wide variety of activities available such as bush walking, touring waterfalls and gorges, beach picnics and sunset drinks, fishing, mud crabbing, turtle spotting, and on our Rowley Shoals expeditions; scuba diving and beach walking.


Depart Broome – Day of Cruise Departure

All guests to make their own way to 7 Farrell Street, Broome for a briefing and to load dive gear at 12pm.

At 1pm a bus will then collect all guests and shuttle you to either the Port area or Gantheaume Beach depending on wind & weather conditions. Please wear shorts or pants you can roll up and slip off shoes, as we may be boarding via tenders from the beach.

Reef Prince departs Broome for Rowley Shoals at 2pm.


Arrive Broome – Day of Cruise Arrival

We arrive back into Broome on the last day at around 8am in the morning depending on wind and weather conditions. Guests disembark and are bused direct to the airport or local CBD accommodation.  Once you have confirmed your accommodation in Broome  (CBD only), please advise us so we can add your details to our transfer schedule.  

We recommend guests fly after 4pm – 24 hours between diving and flying.


If you require more information or wish to make a reservation please either book online or send a quick inquiry, we also have a free call number for further information 1300 874 707

To confirm your reservation we require a 20% non refundable deposit to secure your booking, a signed booking form and final payment is due 60 days prior to your cruise.

We accept cheques; cash, Master and Visa Card or you can direct debit the deposit into our account. We look forward to welcoming you aboard Reef Prince.


After discussion on board with you – our guests, your experienced Cruise Director will consider the best tides and weather conditions to develop your cruise plan and provide for an unforgettable tailored expedition for you and your fellow explorers. The following itinerary is a guide. You certainly wont be disappointed.

Day 1: Welcome Aboard – Reef Prince

You are “welcomed aboard” the comfortable Reef Prince in the frontier pearling port of Broome. 

Our chef will serve afternoon tea as we wave good bye to Broome around 2pm.  It’s an overnight steam to the Rowley Shoals.

Day 2 to 4: Clerke Reef

We arrive at Clerke Reef – the Rowleys’ middle atoll and enjoy a hearty breakfast before your first dive at “The Aquarium”. There’s plenty of time to explore diving country along the outer reef including “Parrot’s Edge” and “Coral Gardens”, with the possibility of seeing a sailfish or humpback whale display acrobatics in all their glory.

The top deck is the place to be for your first spectacular sunset enjoying a nice coldie before munching on a delicious meal. Brace yourself as each day depending on weather and tides we do our best to offer you at least 4 dives or snorkels. These include the outer reef at “Jimmy Goes to China” followed by “Blue Lagoon”, which are both frequented by large pelagics and curious reef sharks – be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the many species of shells on display.

Each night as the sun starts to lower on the horizon we anchor up  in the lagoon where you can enjoy a beach-comb along the deserted sand cay. A night dive is on the cards before dinner on one of the evenings, if you have the energy. Each perfect night at Clerke Lagoon, where the stars reflect in the glassy ocean, is followed by scrumptious breakfasts to your liking.

At different times you may be offered a quick troll along the outer reef.

Clerke Reef

As we gently cruise through the reef you will be offered “The Superman” dive. This is an exhilarating drift dive/ snorkel through Clerke Reef channel. Here you are suspended in turquoise shallows surrounded by delicate lace coral fronds of vivid pink, orange and yellow.

The final couple of dives on this day will be spent exploring many of the caves, crevices and alleyways that the outer reef has to offer. Anyone who feels like a bit of a troll is welcome to have a go.

Our final morning at Clarke Reef starts with an exhilarating channel drift, then perhaps revisit the amazing “Clerke Wall” or “Cupcakes”. That afternoon we visit the labyrinth; a maze of caves with teams of tropical fish.

Then it will be a short steam north east to Mermaid Reef. Enjoy the sea air and maybe a quick sun bake before your next dive. Enjoy your first taste of Mermaid Atoll with a dive on around the stunning “Vee in the Wall” and “The Wet Spot”.

Dinner will be served and if you can keep your eyes open long enough enjoy a DVD movie from the large selection or put on a slide show from your digital camera for your new friends.

Rowley Shoals Dive

Day 5 & 6: 

Today we explore Mermaid Reef. You will be impressed by a stop at the world famous “Northern Wall”, reputedly one of the world’s top three dives. The sheer gradient to a depth of 80 metres, gigantic gorgonians, mesmerising colour, huge dog tooth tuna, green turtles and every imaginable tropical reef species is here!!!

Then we are off to the unforgettable “Cod Hole” where you will come face to face with giant potato cod that are extremely friendly (so don’t forget the camera).


After a hearty lunch there’s time for another couple of dives before we moor up for sunset in the lagoon and enjoy our final night out at the Shoals before departing tomorrow afternoon.

Let’s start the morning with an exhilarating channel drift, then perhaps revisit the amazing Mermaid Wall and or Cod Hole. As the diving expedition is drawing to an end we bid farewell to the breathtaking Rowley Shoals at about 3pm and settle in for the overnight steam back to Broome.

Day 7: 

Arrive back at Broome around 8.30am and unload all the gear. It is time to say goodbye until we catch up with you again at the Rowleys, Abrolhos, Montebellos or in the Kimberley.

Please note: This itinerary and inclusions are subject to change. The skipper will customize your cruise depending on weather and tidal conditions. This may require some last-minute modifications.

To undertake some of the shore-based excursions you will need to have a moderate level of fitness. You are however, quite welcome to enjoy the views from the vessel without going ashore. It’s your cruise so you can do as little or as much as you would like.


When packing for your Kimberley cruise we recommend that all passengers pack lightly. Laundry facilities are available on-board free of charge. You do have room to store suitcases either under your beds or in the cupboards provided in each cabin. 

The Kimberley is a semi-tropical region experiencing warm, balmy days with minimal rainfall and cool, starry nights during our cruise season.

Toiletries and Medications

We do require you to bring your own private toiletries which include:

  • Personal toiletries/hygiene items (we provide hair-dryers)
  • Prescription medication
  • Vitamins
  • Motion sickness preventative
  • Chapstick
  • Sun protection (sunscreen is provided on-board)
  • Insect repellent (Repellent spray is provided on-board)

We advise guests to pack four to five changes of casual clothing which are comfortable. There is no dress code for dining as a rule, generally “Kimberley casual” attire for evenings is recommended.
Light-weight and quick-dry clothing for excursions is recommended. This includes a few pairs of shorts, T-shirts, a long-sleeved shirt and pair of light-weight pants that offer protection against the sun.
  • T-shirts/Blouses – Short-sleeved, quick-drying and sun protected
  • Long-sleeved Shirts – Quick drying, sun-protected and breathable (Can be purchased on-board)
  • Jumper/Jacket- Suitable for cooler nights
  • Shorts – Loose, quick-drying and comfortable
  • Pants – Long, light-weight and comfortable.
  • Sleep wear, undergarments and socks
  • Bathing suits for swimmers

  • Enclosed walking shoes (sneakers or similar with good ankle support for bush walking) .
  • Shoes/Sandals (for on board and scenic excursions)

We also recommend you bring another pair of shoes that you do not mind getting wet as we regularly have wet landings

  • Reef shoes or equivalent with good ankle support – a pair of redundant joggers are a cheaper option .

  • Sports towel (quick drying and light weight)
  • Sarong
  • Wide-brim hat (available for purchase on-board)
  • Polarised sunglasses


Included in your cruise fare are:

  • Accommodations as booked on board
  • All meals on board
  • Facilities, port & handling charges,
  • Excursions and tender transfers.
  • Govt. Fees & Taxes.
  • Whilst on the vessel all your catering, ice, tanks, weight belts and air fills.


Fares do not include items of a personal nature, including but not limited to:

  • Travel and medical insurance
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Shopping on board
  • Bar expenses
  • Transfers from Hotels outside of Broome
  • Single fare guests who do not wish to share with a same sex passenger.
  • Medical treatment
  • Telephone and internet charges.
  • You will need to bring your own dive & snorkel equipment.

Come on, this 6 day Rowley Shoals cruise is just what you need!


Kimberley Expeditions can offer you a Kimberley expedition cruise of a lifetime!

Join us aboard MV Reef Prince in our air conditioned, catamaran with a choice of en-suited cabins. Our vessel Reef Prince is designed specifically for the Northern Australian and Kimberley coast!


12 + 5 =


1300 874 707


7 Farrell Street, Broome, WA

PO BOX 4006
Mataranka, NT, 0852


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